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The Ambassador Towels

Luxurious...Heavy Weight in 14 colors!
More Absorbent - more than 160,000 terry loops to soak up moisture.
Luxurious - combed, ring-spun cotton terry means softer towels, less
likely to lint.  Decorative dobby - special enough for the most discerning
salon or even a 5 star hotel.  14 Colors - having so many choices makes
it easy to coordinate with any salon decor. Superior Craftsmanship -
Chain-stitched hems resist fraying.  Vat-dyed colors do not run.
Programmed to be fully broken-in after only one wash.  You just follow
Doctor Joe’s WASHING INSTRUCTIONS, enclosed with each order, and
enjoy what the Ambassador will do for you!
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Ambassador or Imperial Plush Hand Towel
Price: From $24.95 to $26.75
Ambassador or Imperial Plush Hand Towel
Lint-Free Hand Towel 4 LB/DZ
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