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Doctor Joe guarantees all of his “prescriptions”. If something is not to your satisfaction, please call for a required Return Authorization first. Then simply return unused products in original packaging within 30 days of receipt of goods. Upon receipt of your return, we will issue your choice of credit, refund, or replacement.  Items returned to us 31 to 90 days of receipt, even with an earlier-obtained Return Authorization, will be issued in-store credit only. All store credits are valid for use on future purchases for a period of six-months from date of issue. Certain items are subject to a 15% restocking fee. There are no returns accepted after 90 days. Excluding manufacturers’ imperfections, shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility on returns or exchanges, even if call tags are issued. Non-returnable towel or apparel items include all Closeout Items, Special Order items, used, washed and dried, and wet merchandise.  Please allow 7 days for processing returns. ***Please further note that all returns must be compliant with Doctor Joe’s Guarantee, Washing Instructions and Return Policy or this warranty will become null and void.

BEFORE YOU USE THESE PRODUCTS- Please carefully check your entire order (Rx) immediately upon receipt.   All claims for shortages must be made within 48 hours of receipt of order.  Remember, there are no returns allowable for “washed and dried or wet goods,” so it is vital that you do a “test wash” (see below) on your towel prescription before putting all of your towels into service.  

DOCTOR JOE’S GUARANTEE REQUIRES YOU DO A TEST WASH FIRST USING ONLY ONE TOWEL- Doctor Joe’s Guarantee requires a “test wash” before putting your new towels into service. Using either a quarter cup of vinegar or a quarter cup of washing detergent, wash and dry only one towel and try it out.  After doing this, if you have any concerns, stop and immediately call Doctor Joe at the EMERGENCY TOWELS RESPONSE CENTER at 1-800-944-3192 before proceeding any further.  If you are satisfied, read on. 

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS AFTER YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY PERFORMED YOUR TEST WASH-  For best results without possible side effects, MACHINE WASH AND DRY ALL TOWELS BEFORE USE. Please note that only machine dryers have lint-traps, which effectively remove most towel lint prior to use. Do this only after having conducted a satisfactory “test wash.”  Doctor Joe suggests the following:

1)Wash white towels separately from colored; 2) wash colored towels according to color, blue with blue, etc.; 3) wash microfiber towels separately; 4) NEVER use fabric softener, it reduces absorbency; 5) use either one cup detergent or one cup white distilled vinegar. The vinegar is useful for loosening towel lint. Overloading the washer and dryer will weaken towel fibers, cause fraying, and shorten the life expectancy of your towels.

WASHING COTTON TOWELS- In order to reduce freight cost, some of our towels have been compressed.  When washed and dried according to Doctor Joe’s instructions, they will fluff beautifully!   It is important that you follow the DO NOT BLEACH instructions on the towel label as bleach could damage your towels.  Do not use bleach at all unless you have purchased our special Safe-2-Bleach Towels.  The good doctor also warns you never to drink bleach.  There are safer ways to make your teeth white!

WASHING MICROFIBER TOWELS & ACCESSORIES- Just place these products into a washing machine with any soap or detergent you prefer.   Four restrictions apply: 1) NEVER wash Microfiber products with cotton fabrics, especially towels!  Microfibers will treat the lint generated by the cotton fabric like dirt and store the tiny cotton particles within; 2) NEVER use fabric softener.  Microfibers will accumulate fabric softener and become saturated, reducing effectiveness; 3) Dry at low temperature or air-fluff; 4) NEVER bleach Microfiber unless it is one of our Safe-2-Bleach towels.

WASHING SALON APPAREL- Please read and follow washing instructions on all packaging and labels.  Return instructions apply as listed under the heading, “Doctor Joe’s Guarantee, Washing Instructions and Return Policy”.  No returns on washed apparel.   All returned apparel must be in original packaging.

HOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDER? Call 1-800-944-3192- Amex, MC, Visa and Discover accepted.  Because Doctor Joe maintains one of the largest inventories in the industry, most orders are shipped the same day as received.  Special order items can take 2-3 weeks.  All pricing is FOB Shipping Point, Pennsauken, NJ.  All quoted and listed pricing is subject to change without notice.  Not responsible for typographical errors.   Thank you for favoring us with your business- Doctor Joe

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